The Ultimate Educational Field Trip!

Fantastic Learning Opportunity for Home Schoolers!

Enjoy the Ultimate Educational Field Trip at the Walt Disney World Resort® this year! Transport your students into a world of education, Disney-style, within the magical setting of the Disney Parks that showcase how valuable principles learned in the classroom make exciting things happen every day at Disney attractions. Taught by specially trained Disney facilitators, Disney Youth Education Series programs are offered in four disciplines – Leadership & Careers, Arts & Humanities, Physical Sciences and Natural Sciences.

These hands-on courses increase learning desire, encourage students to reach their potential and demonstrate the importance of teamwork, all in a unique setting that combines the classroom with the real world.

Our Disney Agents are Big Fans of Disney’s YES programs. As Educators, we have been enjoying a variety of YES programs since 1998. We highly recommend attending Disney’s Youth Education Series programs, which are available year round.

The Disney Difference
  • Many Disney Youth Education Series Programs are accredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
  • A once-in-a-lifetime educational opportunity in the most magical place in the world
  • Gain real-world knowledge inside Walt Disney World Resort® with specialized experiences at the Theme Parks
  • Ticket Packages allow your group to spend more time inside the Parks to explore, have fun and apply their newfound knowledge
  • Disney excitement around every corner

Additional Home School/Individual Enrollment YES info:
  • Programs are available for elementary, middle and high school students.
  • Year-round educational opportunities are offered seven days a week
  • Participating students and their immediate families can enjoy their own special kind of Disney fun with the discounted YES program tickets.
  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. A parent/guardian of a student 13 or older may opt to sign a liability waiver if they wish to separate from the student.
  • A minimum number of students are required for program to be activated.
  • Purchasing a ticket does not ensure program activation.
  • You will be contacted if the minimum is not reached for your selected program..
  • You are able to use the tickets for park admission, even if your YES program is cancelled.
  • We’ll help you plan every detail of you trip: from transportation, rooms, admission tickets, to where you will eat, shop, play!

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